Make Telework Your Virtual Reality

Vehicle emissions are a major contributor to the creation of ground-level ozone and pollution causing illnesses. Making a commitment to telework at least once a week, residents and business owners can be the solution to preventing air pollution. Teleworking helps reduce the number of vehicles on the road causing a decrease in vehicle emissions. Business owners, employees, and residents can take advantage of the many benefits teleworking offers.

Business Owners


  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced unscheduled absences caused by illness and scheduling conflicts
  • Reduced turnover rates saving the cost of replacing and training new employees
  • Reduced facility costs
  • More favorable impression on employees, investors, and stakeholders as leaders in sustainable efforts
  • Operational readiness in the event of a disaster or emergency
  • Improved planning for employee travel reduction and parking



  • Reduced commute time resulting in more personal time before and after work for employees
  • Increased productivity due to fewer distractions and unscheduled meetings
  • Reduction in transportation expenses
  • Cost savings on vehicle maintenance, gas, insurance, and wear and tear
  • Improved balance of work and personal life
  • Decreased purchases of unnecessary expenditures
  • Cost savings on going out for coffee and meals resulting in improved wellness



  • Reduction in ground-level ozone and pollution production
  • Decreased risk of cardiac and respiratory illness caused by air pollution
  • Reduced traffic congestion causing less accidents, reduced vehicle emissions, and gas waste created by idling
  • Improved air quality benefitting overall public health and safety

How can businesses and employees start a teleworking program?


  • Speak with the organization’s leadership on the benefits of creating a telework program
  • Take advantage of teleworking opportunities already in place
  • Collaborate with the business’ human resource department and leadership to develop a teleworking program that meets the needs of the organization
  • Review scheduling options to allow employees to telework when able
  • Review and revise operating procedures that could allow employees to complete work electronically