Leaf Blowers, Lawn and Garden Equipment

Leaf blowers and gas powered lawn and garden equipment can raise large amounts of dust. The best alternative to a dust producing leaf blower is a rake or broom. The use of electric lawn and garden equipment is strongly recommended.

Maricopa County’s Leaf Blower Restriction Ordinance (P-25)

  1. Prohibits the blowing of landscape debris into public roadways
  2. Prohibits the operation of leaf blowers on any surface that is not stabilized (i.e., bare soil)
  3. Applies to individual private users (i.e., homeowners), landscaping companies, and public employees (i.e., county maintenance workers) within the Maricopa County borders of Area A
  4. A first violation will result in a warning; second violation a $50 fine; third violation a $100 fine; and fourth and subsequent violations a $250 fine

*Not listed in P-25 but included in A.R.S. § 11-877 is the following: Employees and contractors of government entities are prohibited from operating leaf blowers on High Pollution Advisory [HPA] days. 


Leaf Blower Ordinance Help Sheet

Mowing Down Pollution Program