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How to Control Air Pollution

Air quality and how to control air pollution are on the minds of most residents of Maricopa County, and the local and national media give the topics frequent attention. The Articles of Interest section collects articles that mention the Maricopa County Air Quality Department, notable articles discussing Phoenix air quality, and other articles of interest about the individuals, businesses, and organizations in Maricopa County who are committed to making the air we breathe healthier. When you want to keep your finger on the pulse of the local, national and global media discussion of these important issues, the articles in this section are your go-to showcase for the interest and concern we all have for air quality and how to control air pollution.

Articles of Interest

Phoenix Area High Temps a Treat, but Air Quality Poor

John Faherty Arizona Republic The new year has begun with nearly perfect weather. Nearly. A high-pressure system hovering over the Valley brought warm afternoons perfect for long walks, golf or... Read more »

Burning a No-Burn Day with Holiday Haze

Shaun McKinnon Arizona Republic Lots of folks walked outside Christmas morning and found the air filled with the aroma of a holiday fire, but that was not the plan, not... Read more »

Maricopa County Seeks Ways to Enforce No-Burn Rule

Michelle Ye Hee Lee Arizona Republic Maricopa County is seeking public input on how to implement an air-quality rule that has polarized county residents for years. For the past four... Read more »

Phoenix Area’s Bad Air Tied to Storms

Michelle Ye Hee Lee Arizona Republic By most accounts, it will require a “herculean effort” to gather necessary documentation to prove to the federal government that the violations were caused... Read more »

Phoenix-Area Heat Wave Ushers in Ozone Season

Shaun McKinnon Arizona Republic Residents urged to take steps to curb pollution Maricopa County’s ozone season starts today with a fresh burst of heat and sunlight, two key ingredients needed... Read more »

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