Summer Ozone Season: Tips about how to reduce air pollution as the Valley heats up

Spring has sprung and April 1 marks the beginning of summer ozone season in Maricopa County. As the community works to reduce air pollution in the valley, it’s important to recognize the distinctions between summer ozone and winter pollution seasons. The summer brings warmer temperatures and a higher risk of ground-level ozone, which creates the need to reduce harmful emissions.

One way to cut down on ozone is by refueling your car after the sun goes down. Kick start the weekend with a clean conscience and commit to ‘Fuel After Dark Friday.’ Maricopa County Air Quality Department is asking all residents to help reduce ground-level ozone by refueling their vehicles once the sun sets, in the cooler evening hours. This one simple act will have a positive impact in improving Phoenix air quality during the summer months.

As part of our ‘Commit to One Day’ program, we’ve provided easy to follow tips for each day of the week so residents can do their part in reducing Phoenix air pollution.

  • Promote Remote:
    Teleworking helps reduce the number of vehicles on the road. Less driving reduces vehicle emissions.
  • Bike:
    Ride your bicycle to places you would normally drive your car. Enjoy some fresh air and save gas while reducing air pollution.
  • Ride Public Transit:
    Utilize alternate modes of transportation. Consider taking the light rail, bus or vanpool. For information on transportation alternatives, visit Valley Metro:
  • Carpool:
    Carpool to as many locations as possible. Riding together decreases the amount of emissions in the air.
  • Walk:
    Walk to nearby locations instead of driving. Increasing the number of steps you take will improve your health.
  • Avoid Idling:
    Avoid the drive-thru and go inside to order your food, coffee or prescriptions. By doing this you will reduce exhaust emissions.
  • Fuel After Dark:
    Hot temperatures and gasoline fumes create ground-level ozone. Reduce the effect by refueling your vehicle at night time
  • Sweep It Up:
    Sweep your driveway, patio, deck, etc. instead of using a leaf blower. Burn a few calories while reducing air pollution.

Earth Day is April 22, and we want to remind you that everyone should have the earth in mind each day. Every valley resident has a role in improving air quality in Phoenix and Maricopa County. With the aforementioned tips, the Clean Air Make More app and information provided on this website, residents have access to a number of valuable tools and resources.

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