How Your Pet Can Help Save the Planet

A recent study from eco-watchdogs Environmental Working Group found that cats and dogs are carrying around a cocktail of 48 different industrial chemicals in their bodies–many of them at much higher levels than what’s found in people. Some of those chemicals have been linked to thyroid problems, birth defects, and cancer, among other conditions. Have you thought about what the environment’s doing to your dog? Pet Doc provides “green” cat and dog tips that will help answer those questions:

  1. Buy recycled toys — Cat and dog toy manufacturers are starting to produce toys made from recyclable materials. Support their effort to be green.
  2. Compost dog waste – If you have a backyard, get a dog waste composter. You can put it in the ground and drop your dog’s feces in it, along with a special enzyme that helps it decompose.
  3. Use biodegradable cat litter – Buy cat litter that degrades in the environment. It’s healthy for your cat.
  4. Use natural cleaners to clean up after your pet – All-natural biodegradable cleaners are available in health stores. You also can use a mixture of vinegar and water.
  5. Use old towels to clean your dog instead of paper towels – When your dog gets dirty or wet, use an old towel that can be reused instead of using paper towels to dry it off.
  6. Use Earth-friendly shampoo – When bathing your cat or dog use products that are biodegradable. And be sure the material used to make the container is recyclable.
  7. Buy organic food and catnip – Most pet supply stores sell organic dog food and catnip. Help the “green” and use buy it.
  8. Recycle pet food cans and bags – Make a habit of rinsing empty pet food cans and recycling them. And remember to put empty food bags in the paper recycling bin.

No doubt, following the advice of these simple tips will trim your pet’s environmental footprint.