Give the Air and the Environment a Spring Break

Schools and universities will mark Spring Break this month, by offering important tips to their staff students before the well-deserved time away begins. Below are some popular classroom tips for consideration:


  1. Shut down non-essential energy-using equipment in the classrooms and work areas: turn-off computers, monitors, speakers, printers, and classroom lights
  2. Paying attention to items that are in standby mode like, TVs, VCRs, DVD players, microwaves and radios, as even though these items are “off,” they are using energy!
  3. College kids heading out of town for the week should take note too, first shutting down their computers and unplugging their computers, TVs and any other appliances. And if driving to a Spring Break destination, the tips below go a long way in helping the air:

Pre-travel Tips

  1. Schedule a vehicle tune-up.
  2. Make sure your tires are properly inflated.
  3. Fuel your vehicle for the long trip during cooler evening hours.
  4. Select a location that requires little driving once you arrive.
  5. Form a “travel pool” with your friends and family.

In route

  1. Avoid waiting in long drive-thru lines—park your car and go inside the coffee shop or restaurant.
  2. Turn off your car after 30 seconds of idling.
  3. Avoid driving on unpaved roads and lots.
  4. Drive slowly if you find yourself on an unpaved road.

Upon arrival

  1. Use public transportation, walk or use hotel shuttle service.
  2. If you must drive when you arrive at your destination consolidate errands, make a list of stops and stick to it.