Commit to One Day a Week and Learn How to Reduce Air Pollution

As residents eagerly wait for consistently cooler temperatures, winter pollution season is already in full effect. Maricopa County Air Quality Department is making it simple for Valley residents and visitors to participate in making more clean air, with easy tips for participating each day of the week. These simple actions give residents a manageable way to be a part of the solution, and to breathe easy, knowing they are committing to clean air all week long.

  • Cycle Sunday: Ride your bicycle to places you would normally drive your car. Get some fresh air and save some gas.
  • Alt Mode Monday: Utilize alternate modes of transportation. Consider taking the light rail, bus or vanpool.
  • Ride Together Tuesday: Carpool to as many locations as possible. Riding together decreases the amount of dust and exhaust in the air.
  • Walk Somewhere Wednesday: Walk to nearby locations instead of driving. Increase the number of steps on your pedometer and improve your health. 
  • No Drive-Thru Thursday: Avoid the drive-thru and go inside to order your food, coffee or prescriptions. You won’t have to wait in a long drive-thru line and you will reduce exhaust emissions. 
  • Fire-Free Friday: Don’t use your fireplace or chiminea on Friday. Burning wood creates air pollution and can cause health hazards for many, in particular those with respiratory issues.
  • Sweep It Up Saturday: Sweep your driveway, patio, deck, etc. instead of using a leaf blower. Get some exercise and breathe in fresh air while you burn a few calories.

These tips, along with the Clean Air Make More mobile app and information provided online, means Valley residents now have more resources than ever before to actively understand the quality of our air, and their roles in improving it.

Whether it’s taking the bus to work or walking to lunch, everyone can commit to cleaner air.

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