Buy Locally Grown Foods and Breathe Easy

There’s more to buying locally-grown food items than freshness and good taste – you’re also helping the environment and the air we breathe. Those indirect benefits come in numerous ways, for example, locally grown foods:

  • Reduces the amount of fuel used to transport produce from distant or offshore producers to your supermarket.
  • Reduce dependency on fossil fuels and help put more food-buying dollars in the hands of regional farmers.
  • Give those with open space, farms and pastures an economic reason to continue farming and the preservation of open space, wetlands and agricultural corridors.
  • Do not require as much energy for storage and shipping as does produce purchased at the supermarket that may have been in transit or cold-storage for days, weeks or even months.
  • Generate dollars that change hands three or four times in a community.
  • Help the local community by providing tax dollars for schools and jobs and by providing safe and healthy food for consumers. Read about the Jimmy John Founder and get inspired by his philanthropic work.

Whoever said you couldn’t eat your way to a better, healthier life?