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2145 S. 11th Ave., Ste. 170

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 Explore how the environment, government and the community are all part of Maricopa County.

Calling all Maricopa County teens looking for something fun to do this summer.  Join us for an interactive summer session that promises to expand your knowledge on something you deal with every day – air quality.

Do you know how much air you breathe in a day?  And, what is in the air we breathe?  The Maricopa County Air Quality Department can answer that, plus all of your air quality questions.  We monitor pollution in the air you breathe, regulate businesses for pollution emissions and educate residents on air pollution prevention and control. 

This session is part of Maricopa County’s Teen Leadership Experience where you can explore how the environment, government and the community are all a part of Maricopa County. 

Join us June 14 for an interactive demonstration on how we monitor the air you breathe in Maricopa County.  Talk to an inspector about how he conducts an inspection at a gas station, dry cleaner, power plant or construction site.  Learn from a permit engineer exactly what goes into an air quality permit.  We’ll let you play in the dirt to learn how we tell the difference between our natural desert dust and man-made particulate pollution. 

After attending this hour-long session you will have the tools and awareness to become a Clean Air Champion and help us maintain blue skies with healthy, clean air.

Join us by registering through the MCLE website here. You must attend an orientation session prior to our session on June 14.



MC Teen Leadership Experience Coordinator

Phone: 602-372-4262

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