Our Air and How to Keep it Clean

There is one thing that everyone who lives and visits Maricopa County has in common. We all breathe air. The average adult takes about 15 breaths per minute, inhaling nearly two gallons of air. With 21,600 breaths per day that equals 2,880 gallons of air each day.

Maricopa County Air Quality Department is asking everyone to help keep our air clean and our residents healthy. Watch the video to learn what you can do to help take care of our air.

The Effects

What are the effects of air pollution? Maricopa County and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency have designated six criteria pollutants, but particulate matter (PM) and ozone are the Valley’s toughest to battle. Learn More >

The Offenders

Human activity is behind most of our top air pollution causes, but there is a way to clean our air. There are plenty of easy changes each of us can commit to do to stop polluting. Learn More >


Find out what restrictions, if any, are prohibited based on the current air quality status in Maricopa County. Depending on the status of air quality, restrictions will change, so be sure to take note of the differences. Learn More >

Make the Commitment

Download the App

Download the App
Download the Clean Air Make More App for iPhone, iPad and Android and receive real-time air quality information and information for reducing air pollution.

Sign Up for Alerts

Sign Up for Alerts
Get email and text alerts for High Pollution Advisories, High Pollution Watches and other Maricopa County clean air updates.

Commit to One Day

Commit to One Day
Make a significant impact on the level of air pollution in Maricopa County and contribute to clean air all week long with these simple, daily actions.

Support Air Quality Awareness

Air Quality Flag Program

Clean Air Flag Program
In an effort to raise Maricopa County and metropolitan Phoenix air quality awareness and encourage behavior modification based on air quality conditions, Maricopa County Air Quality Department has initiated an Air Quality Awareness “Flag” Program to increase public and business community recognition of the Air Quality Index rating system. The intent is to highlight the need to take responsible measures to control air pollution during periods when Metropolitan Phoenix air quality is degraded.