The Maricopa County Fireplace Retrofit Program (MCFRP) is a program designed to reduce air pollution from wood burning fireplaces and provide residents cleaner air to breathe. You must be in the program boundaries to apply. The program boundaries are Baseline Road to Northern Avenue and 59th Avenue to 16th Street. (see map below)

Natural Gas Log Set

  • Convenient, safe, and clean burning option
  • Looks just like wood burning fire
  • Enjoy for hours with no logs to add or turn
  • Only available to homes with gas service
  • Can be used on no-burn days

Mandatory Requirements

  • Must have an existing gas meter from SouthWest Gas
  • Fireplace chimney and firebox must be in good working order
  • Must have an existing chimney cap and operational damper
  • Property owner must be on site for initial inspection
  • Property owner must be on site day of installation
  • Property owner must be on site for City of Phoenix permit inspection
  • Property owner will be required to contact SouthWest Gas to turn gas back on after installed
  • Owner accepts liability if a gas pressure test is required and fails
  • Owner must schedule and pay for a chimney/fireplace inspection and cleaning prior to conversion
  • Owner is responsible for all drywall or construction repair

Additional Requirements

The gas log set installation is done in 3 x 30 day steps (90 days total):

Step 1 (30 days to complete):

  • Obtain one or two quotes from two available gas plumbing contractors on contract with Maricopa County
  • Select a contractor to move forward with within the 30 day period
  • Please do not move to Step 2 until you receive a Step 2 email.

Step 2 (30 days to complete):

  • Complete, at your own cost, a fireplace/chimney inspection and cleaning
  • Upload inspection receipt within 30-day period
  • Receipt must state that fireplace is safe for a retrofit
  • Please do not move to Step 3 until you receive a Step 3 email.

Step 3 (30 days to complete):

  • Schedule installation within 30 day period
  • Property owner must be on site day of installation
  • Owner must be present for City of Phoenix inspection if permit is required
  • Owner must contact SouthWest gas after inspection to have gas turned back on

Other Considerations

  • The county will pay up to $2,000 per gas log set retrofit
  • Some cost estimates are below and some are above $2,000
  • The resident is responsible for any remaining balance above $2,000
  • If you miss a 30 day deadline, you will be required to re-apply
  • You can use the gas log set on a no burn day
  • Gas logs sets are not typically a main source of heat
  • This is a construction type of project
  • You, the resident, are managing the project and all deadlines – not the contractor


Health Effects of Wood Smoke

Most wood smoke particles are 2.5 microns or less in size, which is smaller than a human hair.
  • The particles in smoke are tiny bits of solids and liquids made of wood that is not completely burned.
  • When you breathe in wood smoke, you inhale the fine particles deep into your lungs.
  • The particles contain toxic substances that can remain in your lungs for months, which lead to or exacerbate heart and lung disease.


Program Boundaries

You must be in the program boundaries to apply. The program boundaries are Baseline Road to Northern Avenue and 59th Avenue to 16th Street.

MCFRP Program Boundaries

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Gas Log Set Options

Please note these are the only two gas lot sets available for this program. Exceptions to this requirement cannot be made.

Gas Log Set Lighting Instructions



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There is a limit of one installation per household. Commercial properties do not qualify for this program.

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