Did You Know?

Air pollution affects kids more than adults because kids breathe more air for their size and spend more time playing outside.

When you ride a bike, you’re helping to reduce air pollution and also getting exercise.

Smoke produced from burning wood contains more than 100 different chemicals, many of which are harmful to your growing lungs.


Clean Air Activity Book

Classroom Activity Book Collage

Do You Know What Air Pollution is and Why Air Quality is Important?

Learn all about air quality in this fun-filled book for kids ages 6-10. Awesome games and activities make learning about air pollution easy and fun! Get an activity book directly from Gus when he comes to your school. You can also print activities from the links below.

Word Search

Coloring Page

A Wacky Tale

Make a Pollution Collector

Make a Lung Model



Meet Gus

Classroom Activity Book Collage

Say “Hi” to Gus T. Breeze, Maricopa County’s Clean Air Mascot!

Gus loves to teach kids about air pollution and how you and your family can help keep our air clean. He’s been known to appear at schools, parks and events. He loves having his picture taken, so be on the lookout for Gus and be sure to ask for your very own Clean Air trading cards, fun mask-fan and more!