Problem-Based Learning Project

Solve the Car Idling Problem at Your School!

Take a look around you. All that empty space is filled with something vital to your existence. Air! Clean air is as necessary for life as clean water, but students typically don’t think about the invisible ocean of air that surrounds them. Neither do they think about harmful substances that are added to our air every day. Daily activities like turning on lights or driving a car create air pollution, which can be harmful to our health.

The purpose of this Problem-Based Learning Lesson Plan is to educate students about the health effects associated with car idling and to empower them to find solutions to reduce car idling at their school and within their community.

Classroom Guide for Educators


Student Guide 


Project Toolkit

  • Presentation Template
  • Flyer
  • Sample School Announcement
  • Sample Pledge


Program Contact Information:

Jenny Frank | Education Outreach Coordinator
Maricopa County Air Quality Department
Contact Number: 602-506-6355