About the Kiosk

MCAQD has designed and implemented a stand-alone tool to supplement air quality education efforts. With a growing emphasis on citizen science, these air quality educational kiosks provide residents and visitors information not previously available about air quality in their neighborhoods. At the heart of the kiosk initiative is a small, localized air quality monitoring device that displays nearby air quality data in a friendly and relevant format.

Currently, there are two fixed kiosks and one mobile kiosk which is being used at school STEM events, within the classroom setting and other outreach events. Each of the fixed locations and the mobile kiosk is accompanied by an air quality sensor that provides real-time air quality data on one of the display screens. The kiosks complement MCAQD’s existing middle school curriculum using Sonoma Technology’s Kids Making Sense program, collecting real-time air quality data using hand-held sensors and cell phones.

What Will I Learn?

Like smoking or poor dietary habits, polluted air poses a threat to our bodies in many ways. Using five interactive and engaging lessons, MCAQD’s kiosk will teach you about the valley’s biggest pollutants and how you can help make the air cleaner for everyone.

You will learn about the current air quality at the location you are visiting. The monitors measure for smoke, dust, and ozone. You can also view the air quality history of the location in addition to comparing the location you are visiting with another kiosk. Current Air Quality Information A series of real images taken overlooking South Phoenix on New Year’s Day, 2016, shows how quickly a large amount of wood burning and fireworks-related pollution encased the residents of Maricopa County. Winter Wood Burning Pollution You can click on how air pollution affects the brain, lungs, and heart. When one of those systems is selected, the user can read through various facts. Air Pollution and the Body Learn about the seven simple actions that you can take to help keep ozone away during Maricopa County’s summer months. Commit to One Day If you would like to receive more information about air quality, commitment actions, etc., you can enter your email address or phone number. Tell Me More When the kiosk has been actively used for several minutes, the “Take Our Survey” block is illuminated, allowing you to take a brief 3-question survey. Take Our Survey

Where to Find the Kiosk

Arizona Science Center

Arizona Science Center

Arizona Science Center provides exploration, education and entertainment for all ages. The Center contains four levels of exciting “hands-on” exhibits, a state-of-the-art planetarium, and a 5-story high giant-screen theater. The exhibits and galleries are designed to educate and entertain kids of all ages – from pre-K to gray!

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Air Quality Events

Air Quality Events

Would you like us to visit your school, classroom, or attend a STEM event? Contact us about our air quality mobile kiosk. We can set up a booth and the mobile kiosk and portable air monitoring device to enhance any science, earth sciences, or STEM-related event!