Flag Program Promotes Phoenix Air Quality

Phoenix Air Quality Awareness “Flag” Program

In an effort to raise Maricopa County and metropolitan Phoenix air quality awareness and encourage behavior modification based on air quality conditions, Maricopa County Air Quality Department has initiated an Air Quality Awareness “Flag” Program to increase public and business community recognition of the Air Quality Index rating system. The intent is to highlight the need to take responsible measures to control air pollution during periods when Metropolitan Phoenix air quality is degraded.

This program will allow the organization that has joined the flag program to fly and/or post a flag at a prominent location to indicate the air quality for that day. By posting this flag, employees and visitors will be able to readily know current air quality conditions and take appropriate actions to control emissions.

Subscribers of the Air Quality Awareness Flag Program will be asked to stay informed of daily air quality conditions and fly the appropriate colored flag based on the air quality index. Each flag represents a different level of air quality. The chart below details the four air quality index levels and their correlating flag colors.

The department will provide daily email updates to participants identifying the color of the flag to be used the next day. Participating organizations will have the option of choosing pennant flags to be flown or a placard to be posted.


Encourage improved air quality by providing Maricopa County businesses and organizations a visual alert intended to promote greater awareness of air quality conditions and encouraging behaviors which limit additional emissions of air pollutants.


Establish a communication tool which allows Maricopa County businesses and organizations to alert their employees and visitors of current Phoenix air quality conditions.


The Air Quality Awareness Flag Program allows businesses and other organizations to take part in creating a healthy community. Participants in the flag program will receive a set of four flags representing different categories of the Air Quality Index — a system that classifies air quality as Good, Moderate, Unhealthful for Sensitive Groups and Unhealthful. E-mails will be sent to participants informing them of expected air quality conditions the next day allowing them to display the appropriate flag that matches expected air quality conditions.


Participation in the Air Quality Awareness Flag Program offers distinct advantages, among which are:

  1. Recognition on the department’s CleanAirMakeMore.com website
  2. Identification in the program’s media outreach

There is a fee for participation which includes a set of four flags.

How to sign up

If you are interested in participating in the Air Quality Awareness Flag Program, please contact the Air Quality Department’s Ombudsman at (602) 506-1813 or by email AQmail@mail.maricopa.gov for more information.