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Together we can make more clean air.

Meet Cory the Cloud

Kids Use Crayons to Make Point About Clean Air

When Clean Air Make More needed a mascot hundreds of children answered the call. With more than 300 entries and participants ranging from kindergarten to sixth grade, the eclectic assembly of illustrations would have appealed to any art gallery in town! Participation from elementary schools throughout Maricopa County showed us that Champions for Clean Air are everywhere. It also made the submittals all the more diverse and the judging all the more difficult!

After much deliberation, Cory the Cloud surfaced as the winner. Cory was the inspiration of Desert Sage sixth grader Kara Lanese and one of many clever, inspiring drawings submitted to the mascot drawing contest.

Her concept of using a cloud as the mascot with a big smile on his face saying “We share the air, keep it clean,” is now used to promote Kids for Clean Air. When Cory points out that we all share the air, it means that we all have a responsibility to keep it clean.

For her creativity, Kara was presented with a new BMX bike courtesy of KORE Bike Industries and Cory the Cloud was inducted as the mascot for Kids for Clean Air.