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Together we can make more clean air.

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More From Clean Air is a collection of original articles written by the Maricopa County Air Quality Department, providing information and tips to residents and businesses about what everyone can do to make the air we breathe healthier. Topics range from buying local produce to benefits of skipping the drive-thru, and each article explores new and exciting ways to make more clean air.

Upcoming Events »

Upcoming Events shares the details of events at which Maricopa County Air Quality Department representatives will be present to share information about how we can all work together to make the air we breathe healthier. Events are added on an ongoing basis, so keep checking back for the latest updates!

If you are interested in having Clean Air Make More at your next event, please contact us by email or by phone (602) 506-6713.

Articles of Interest »

Articles of Interest encompasses articles mentioning the Maricopa County Air Quality Department, notable articles discussing air quality and other articles of interest about those committed to making the air we breathe healthier. Whether local, national or global, these articles showcase the interest and concern we all have for air quality.

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Press & Media provides news and information about what we are proud to do each and every day: encourage residents and businesses in Maricopa County to take simple actions to clean the air we breathe. Here, you will find recent press releases issued by the Maricopa County Air Quality Department, information about the Clean Air Make More initiative and upcoming events.