The Maricopa County Fireplace Retrofit Program (MCFRP) is a program designed to reduce air pollution from wood burning fireplaces and provide residents cleaner air to breathe. The program offers two options: 1) if a home is already plumbed for natural gas, the program will provide a voucher for up to $2,000 to cover the cost of the installation of a natural gas log set; or 2) the program will, at no charge to the homeowner, retrofit a wood burning fireplace with an air pollution reduction device.

Emission Reduction

  • Standard Wood Burning Fireplace

    No Smoke Reduction
  • Fireplace with Air Pollution Reduction Device

    70% Smoke Reduction
  • Natural GasLog Set

    99% Smoke Reduction

The Maricopa County Air Quality Program has chosen specific boundaries for the pilot Fireplace Retrofit Program. If your home falls within the area where PM2.5 concentrations are at their highest levels during the wood burning season, you’re eligible to participate!

Frequently Asked Questions

Health Effects and Retrofit Options

Health Effects of Wood Smoke Pollution (PM2.5)

Wood Smoke Particle

Most wood smoke particles are 2.5 microns or less in size which is smaller than a human hair.

  • The particles in smoke are tiny bits of solids and liquids made of wood that is not completely burned.
  • When you breathe in wood smoke, you inhale the fine particles deeply into your lungs.
  • The particles contain toxic substances that can remain in your lungs for months, which lead to or exacerbate heart and lung disease.

Option 1: Natural Gas Log Sets – Minimal PM2.5 Pollution

Natural Gas Log Sets
  • Convenient, safe, and clean burning option
  • Looks just like wood burning fire
  • Enjoy for hours with no logs to add or turn
  • Only available to homes with gas service
  • Can be used on no-burn days


Option 2: Reduce Smoke with an Air Pollution Reduction Device (HearthCAT)

Air Pollution Reduction Device
  • Easily installed inside fireplace
  • Not visible to the homeowner
  • Reduces air pollution from wood smoke
  • Fire burns better, using less wood
  • Saves homeowner money
  • No maintenance required
  • Please note: cannot be used on no-burn days