There are no restrictions in effect at this time, including wood burning restrictions. Learn more »

This winter, don't let our air go up in smoke!

During the winter months, Maricopa County has higher levels of air pollution caused by woodburning smoke. Protect the health of those in Maricopa County; don’t burn wood when a No Burn Day is in effect: Get the latest No Burn Day status, air quality forecast and more.

Commit to One Day

Learn how you can reduce air pollution and become part of the solution with easy tips every day of the week. Commit to One Day and commit to cleaner air!

May is National Asthma & Allergy Awareness Month

April showers bring May flowers, allergens and ozone pollution – Learn about the peak season for asthma and allergy sufferers.

Download the Clean Air Make More App Today

Get real-time information and upates on the air you breathe with the new Clean Air Make More App! The Clean Air Make More App is now available for iPhone, iPad and Google Play for Android. 

Going inside, it's true, is better than the drive-thru

Even though it can be convenient, the drive-thru is a source of air pollution. Learn how you can reduce air pollution and add a few more steps to the pedometer by parking your car and going inside.

Buy Locally Grown Foods and Breathe Easy

Other than the freshness, do you know the environmental and economical benefits of buying locally grown produce?  With farmer’s markets occurring weekly in the Valley, "More from Clean Air" wants to educate you about ways buying locally grown foods can help you breathe easier.

Air Quality Status

  • Ok to burn wood
  • Ok to ride off highway vehicles
  • Ok to use leaf blowers
Today's Forecast

Partly Cloudy
81° High 65° Low
Winds blowing NE at 6 MPH

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Refuel your vehicle at night to reduce ground-level ozone.
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